Friday, July 16, 2010

Dendrobium Maiden Charlotte

Dendrobium Maiden Charlotte - Flower photo by Richard LindbergInstead of a speaker, the SCOS had BINGO night. My one and only prize was this cute Dendrobium Maiden Charlotte. It is a primary hybrid of Dendrobium rhodostictum x Dendrobium aberrans.

Dendrobium Maiden Charlotte - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe plant stands 8 inches above the pot and it is mature enough to make me think that It will not grow much larger. It is in bloom and has two new spikes. As you can see it appears to need repotting. I will decide about dividing once it is out of the pot.

Just from seeing it in the pot my first impression is that it will not divide well. All the pseudobulbs seem to radiate from the center and a division might be lop-sided.

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