Saturday, July 3, 2010

Encyclia bracteata

Encyclia bracteata - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEncyclia bracteata - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI like the genus Encyclia (Encycl) and Encyclia bracteata is my favorite. It is a small plant, blooms more than once a year and is fragrant. It is from Brazil, growing in low elevation forests. Mine is in a bright, wet and warm spot.

It has not expanded in size much but the two leads have separated making two distinct plants. I may decide to divide and re-mount it. I am not sure if the moss is hurting it or not.


  1. hello
    You have a beautiful blog
    one thousand congratulations for your orchids ...
    I'd love to be a bit like you ....
    you help me ?????

  2. I am always happy to talk orchids and answer questions.

    What orchids do you have?