Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free Orchid

This is a nice plant, one that would be for sale if I knew what it was exactly. I do know that this is the flower that goes with it.

I make it a policy to see a flower before selling a plant. This is not because I suspect the label but because of the normal variations in flowers. When I saw it and checked what it was supposed to look like I knew it was mislabeled.

I have two to give away. Both are on cork, about 4x6 inches. Since I will be sending them out on my birthday, the first plant will also get free shipping, the second $5.50 for shipping.

If you can give one a good home, post a comment then go here to get the email address to make shipping arrangement. Please use "Free orchid" as the subject or I may not see it. Cutoff is 8pm PDT today.


  1. I have just the spot for that mount on one of my outside walls on the north here in Tampa. I will send you my address

  2. I would like the second plant.

  3. Great, now I get some hanging space back. I got both your emails.

    The plants go out Monday

  4. Bulb. corolliferum, perhaps? Could also be a really dark form of auratum. So many of these look similar, and there's probably a bunch of undescribed species/varieties in cultivation within this section of the genus...