Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aerangis articulata

Aerangis articulata - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAerangis articulata has bloomed after three years. It was a gift and is my only Aerangis. I have had it in a different microclimate each year and the plant seemed to get weaker each time I moved it. This spring I moved it to a lower light area and of course the whole greenhouse is three degrees warmer that previous years.

Aerangis articulata - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Aerangis (Aergs) contains about 50 species spread through Africa, Madagascar and the Comoros Islands. Aerangis articulata grows in Madagascar and Comoran. Warm to hot growing, fragrant, grows best mounted. It is fragrant and blooms in fall.

I will not be adding more Aerangis species. This has been interesting, but I am trying to be more focused on stated collection goal of New World orchids.

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