Monday, August 9, 2010

Blc Empress Worsley

Blc Empress WorsleyDay before yesterday I posted a picture of a flower from the Sonoma collection that had a faded tag. Thanks to Paul's comment I now know it is Blc Empress Worsley. Thanks, Paul. (If you would like one, Paul has a couple for sale. Email me and I'll pass it on to Paul.)

While processing the plant photo I noticed the skewer coming out of the pot. I have seen this several times in the collection.

Blc Empress WorsleyThe skewer is there to hold the plant steady after re-potting. The skewer runs on top of the rhizome to hold it in place. The reason this is necessary is that there were not enough roots to do it.

The person re-potting did not want to remove the lead and throw away part of the plant so he took a chance and over potted. The pot had to be that size to contain the pseudobulbs.

In this situation I will usually choose to cut the plant lead down to two pseudobulbs with the new growth becoming the third. This produces a small but still blooming sized plant. Then I make the rest of the plant into backbulb divisions.


  1. It is odd that the skewer looks well below the rhizome, though I guess if it points upward it could hold the plant down. Also, a wood skewer would tend to bend, unlike a metal rhizome holder, which would make wood less effective.

    Another possibility is that the skewer was used to estimate moisture in the media, though in that case one could easily go down into the media from above rather than making a small hole in the pot. So that doesn't seem right.


  2. I have not yet removed this particular skewer, but from experience with this collection, I will find some part of the rhizome under the skewer.