Friday, August 6, 2010

Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song x Blc Chancemaker

Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song x Blc Chancemaker - Flower photo by Richard LindbergSometimes re-potting is simply to refresh the medium and re-center the new growth. That's what I was doing when I cut this backbulb from Lillian's Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song x Blc Chancemaker. If I had left it as part of the plant I would have had to use a pot that was too large for the roots. The pot size is selected for the roots, not the top of the plant.

The survival power of orchidsIf Nick (or any of the Gardenweb gang) had been in the greenhouse with me chatting about orchids and life in general, I would have asked him if he wanted it. This is one of the very pretty Catts that are part of the Sonoma collection. Definitely worth cultivating. Since he wasn't, I propped it up in a pot and placed it with the other backbulbs.

Now that it has sprouted and I know where the new growth is, I will get a stake and get the backbulb upright and part of the new plant. I didn't go to the trouble before because sprouting was not a sure thing. It did not look promising.

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