Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dendrobium Ellen 'Zonks' x den Ku-Ring-Gai 'Bobin'

Dendrobium Ellen 'Zonks' x den Ku-Ring-Gai 'Bobin' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThis Dendrobium hybrid was bought early on, one of my first Dendrobiums of any kind. When I built the greenhouse it actually did worst than it had been doing indoors. The reason was over-watering.Dendrobium Ellen 'Zonks' x den Ku-Ring-Gai 'Bobin' - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg My greenhouse is too wet for potted Dendrobiums. I have moved all of the to Sonoma.

The plant finally looked so bad that I stripped off a few keikis and thew the plant in the garden waste. The keikis didn't do well either. They finally went over to Sonoma with a few of the other Catt and Den backbulbs.

In Sonoma they perked up and started to grow. I now have three of these plants. They are very small but they are beyond the keiki stage are have their own new growths.

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