Monday, August 16, 2010

Encyclia Green Hornet

Encyclia Green Hornet - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI am getting more signs that I have too many orchids. The most recent sign showed itself when I went looking for presentable Encyclia Green Hornet. I knew I had some but could not find more than three small pieces in the backbulb group. I gave up looking. Since then I have found two of them,one of them just yesterday. In bloom, no less.

Encyclia Green Hornet has been renamed more than once, but I'm going to stick with Encyclia for this one. It is Encyclia cochleata x lancifolium. This hybrid is fragrant and easy to grow in intermediate conditions.

This plant has keikis, something I don't see much in this type of plant. I have seen them before on Brassia. They appear at the top of a leafless pseudobulb. I have tried to separate them but have had a hard time getting them going on their own. I am going on the theory that I didn't let them develop enough.


  1. That's neat. I never saw keikis on the top of a p-bulb of an Encyclia. That is the type of thing that makes you think the taxonomists got it right to move these into another genus.

  2. While I've no experience with Encyclia, I have had keikis with other orchids. The keikis should be happy as Larry where they currently reside until the root growth is enough to hold them in a pot. Odd looking but worth the wait as long as the roots get moisture.