Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Laelia sanguiloba

Laelia sanguiloba - Plant photo by Richard LindbergLaelia sanguiloba grows in Brazil on rocks above 5000', is warm growing and blooms in winter. I understand that this group of Brazilian Laelias has been renamed to some much longer genus name. hasn't changed the name so I will use that as justification to not change it in my collection.

I have gone a little Brazil crazy this year. It if is small and grows in Brazil, I have bought it. This is one I have had for about a month. It was in a small pot and had 5 pseudobulbs. I had cut off three of the pseudobulbs to mount when I saw new growth. Yesterday I saw that the plant had shifted on the mount.

The single most important thing about mounting is that the plant not move while the roots attach. I had been a little sloppy, a little too much in a hurry when I mounted it and it was not firm.

Yesterday I re-mounted the plant more firmly and at a better position. Rushing while working with orchids (or most aspects of life) and it often leads to lost time.

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