Saturday, August 21, 2010

Neofinetia falcata

Neofinetia falcata - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI just bought a Neofinetia falcata. It is a replacement for my collection plant that I lost due to not having a dog barrier in place at the greenhouse door. My new dog ate it. Neofinetia falcata - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI had been growing it for some time and it was coming along nicely. That's what it looked like on the right.

The genus Neofinetia (Neof) contains 3 species from Japan, Korea and the Ryukyu Islands. Neofinetia falcata grows in Japan, Korea and the Ryukyu Islands. The species grows on deciduous trees and get more light in winter. They are fragrant and tolerate a wide range of temperatures. They are collected more for the foliage than for the flowers. I am amazed at the price of some of these plants.

The new Neofinetia falcata plant with 6 fansA bonus Neofinetia falcata seedlingThe new plant will be mounted in the same manner in faux-Japanese style. This involves an inverted clay pot (in place of the gold wire framework) and the longest strands of sphagnum I can find.

There is an interesting bonus plant. It has the appearance of a seedling with one small fan. It is really as old as the other plant but was overgrown by the other plant. I will mount it separately on cork. I recently saw a Neofinetia falcata mounted that way and it was quite attractive.


  1. This is one species I have thought about buying on several occasions, but I have always managed to suppress the impulse. That looks like a healthy, robust seedling. Source?

  2. The seller was orchidtn. It was my first transaction with him. He has a 100% rating and lots of transactions.