Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vanda pups

Vanda pups developing on a stressed plant

A large Vanda in SonomaA large Vanda in SonomaLast year we had a 60% shadecloth over the entire roof of the Sonoma greenhouse. I wasn't satisfied with the light level so we didn't put it back. This year I am using individual panels to make more micro-climates.

This has required more watering and keeping an eye on the plants for signs of light stress. This Vanda is one that is starting to show signs of stress. There are a couple more Vandas starting pups also. Too bright for Vandas is too bright indeed.

I have been asked about starting pups and I don't know any good way that doesn't involve risking the health of the mother plant. The only method I have tried is topping the plant, and I have not succeeded.

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