Monday, September 6, 2010

Dendrobium Saveo Folco

Dendrobium Saveo Folco - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium Saveo Folco - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe label says Dendrobium Saveo Folco and I have no real reason to doubt it. Still, I can't find anything about about an orchid with that name on the internet. It is a very cute little orchid, only 4 inches high with flowers of a very nice color and shape.

It needs to be re-potted and I might divide it. I never know for sure until I get the medium washed off the roots and see what is connected to what.


  1. Very cute. I'd be more into Dendrobiums if more of them were this small!

  2. Orchids are really beautiful. One good example is this one, this is very nice and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.