Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laelia anceps 'Barkeriana' x 'Jerry Boyd'

Laelia anceps Barkeriana/Jerry Boyd flask contents

I went on a field trip to visit Steve Christoffersen and to pick up a flask of Laelia anceps 'Barkeriana' x 'Jerry Boyd'. Laelia anceps Barkeriana/Jerry Boyd orchid plant flaskHe has these flasks for sale on eBay and I think they will be outstanding when they bloom.

This is only the second flask I have ever tried. I have only one plant still living from that first flask. But that was 5 years ago and I have learned a lot in that time.

I have lots of Laelia anceps and I don't need a bunch more. It is more about getting experience with a flask of plants I know how to grow once they get established and will be good quality plants when they bloom. There are close to double the 35 plants promised.

I was ready to start making the community pots so Steve washed out the agar and gave them a pysan bath. He gave me some pointers on the potting and getting the acclimated to being out of the flask.

Five larger seedlings and a couple of the very tiny ones on the edgeSteve has 6 of these flasks still available. You couldn't find a better and more healthy starting flask if you want to experiment. The listing shows both of the parents. "Two beautiful and richly colored field collected Laelia anceps sibed here should produce much of the same dark vigorous offspring. The pod parent here is a very famous and historic cultivar, while the Jerry Boyd parent is a more recent exciting discovery."

So far they are taking minimal space but next year some of them will need to be individually potted and will still need more care than an adult plant. There will be some loss but I am committed to try to get as many as possible to NBS.


  1. Very nice looking flask! Good luck. I'm sure your success rate will be high. I bought a few flasks from Troy Meyers and it was a complete failure each time.

    I bought a single small anceps seedling from Christofferson - Barkeriana x Roysl Flush - a few months ago. So far two swelling eyes, but strangely, no new growth.

  2. What advise did he give you?

    Seedlings look very big and healthy.

  3. Dave, I have never had much luck with most of flasks that I have received from Troy. Most of the flasks that I have had success with are a little more developed. Either root and/or puesdobulb or both.

  4. Richard, I must say that I am a little jealous. A field trip to see Steve. I would be like a kid in a candy store!

  5. He has some great plants. Candy store indeed!

    He has one he got directly from Rebecca Northern, for goodness sake.