Monday, September 13, 2010

Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe'

Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe' new growth, time to divide

Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe nice thing about growing in rock is that the roots form a nice cage. They are forced to go around the rocks, not much of a problem for them. I get the benefit of having an easier time re-potting. I still have to do the re-potting on time, before the plant is root bound. All that has been done for these pictures is dumping out the rocks.

Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergLaelia lobata grows in Brazil on the coast. It needs very bright light and is hot growing. still list this as a Laelia, not a Cattleya.

After inspecting the plant I have decided to divide as two two-pseudobulb divisions, each with a new growth. The rest will be backbulbs.

I have noticed that backbulbs taken just at the right time will sprout very quickly. On the other hand, they may just sit doing nothing until the next growing season like some of my Laelia anceps backbulbs have done. We shall see what happens. All part of the fun of orchid growing.


  1. Richard, when is the normal growing season for L. anceps?

  2. L anceps grows through the summer and will now be starting to spike. There is a range of blooming times through the winter for the different varieties.

    If you have one that needs dividing, I would wait until you see new growth starting in the spring. Last year I divided mine over spring well into summer and have some just now sprouting and others which sprouted last year and are spiking now.