Sunday, September 19, 2010

New thermostat

I heat my greenhouse with a Southern Burner. I use the vented, natural gas model and after I figured out where the drafts were flowing around the base, it has operated flawlessly.

The battery on the thermostat has not been changed and that was on the schedule for the end of the month. But in the last few days the heater has been on when it shouldn't. It turns out that the thermostat had stopped operating. Today I replaced it.

The thermostat needs to have some air flow but never get sun or water on it. I solved that problem by building a box around it with an open bottom and located on the opposite side of the greenhouse.

Now I will need to monitor the temperature closely. I am pretty sure I hooked it up right but it will need some fine tuning to get the temperature back to 63 as a base since this is now a warm greenhouse.

1 comment:

  1. I don't have a greenhouse,but I have read many accounts of failing thermostats. It surprises me that a failed thermostat doesn't emit some signal letting you know it failed. Why wouldn't one design a greenhouse thermostat like that?