Thursday, September 23, 2010

Orchid Road Trip

I am planning a short road trip to San Diego the first weekend of November. I will be going south on 5, then 210, then 15 on Friday the 5th. The return route is 5, then 101 on Monday the 8th. If you are anywhere near one of those routes I'd like to meet you and see your orchids.

Get my email address from here. Be sure to use "orchid" somewhere in the subject.

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Potting seedlings

Steve gave me some instruction on potting my seedlings. I can't guarantee that this is what he said, but here is what I remember hearing.

• Leave the flask sealed until you are ready to go. Fungus will move right in if given the chance.

• Wash the agar out over a strainer using tepid water. That will keep the drain from being clogged and will catch any plants that fall out. Put them in a Physan bath then on a paper towel pad. They can stay this way a few hours but don't wait too long to pot.

• Put a pad of sphagnum in your hand, then a seedling. Add sphagnum and seedling alternately so that there is sphagnum between each of the seedlings. I put five large plants in a 2-inch pot, more smaller ones. Be sure that they don't end up too deep. The roots should be in the sphagnum, not the top of the plant.

• Group and cover the plants to keep the light level low and the humidity high. Don't let them dry and use an insecticide like Bayer 3-in-one. Bugs you didn't know you had will find them.

• Some die-back will happen. When it starts, don't just accept it as normal, recheck your conditions. As time goes by they will adjust to your growing conditions and be treated more like the other plants.


  1. Is this an orchid buying trip or a trip for other reasons that you're also using to visit orchid people?

  2. A little of both. My son lives there and I will visit him and crash there. As for orchid buying, I want to fill in my Rupiculous Laelias and Cattleya list. I want to visit Granite Hills Orchids, Andy's Orchids and Santa Barbara Orchid Estates in particular.

  3. I'll drop you an email to see if you're coming through my area. Preferably on the way back - then I could ask you to pick up a plant or two for me on your shopping trip!

  4. Cal-Orchids is a good orchid source but not that interesting to actually visit IMO.

    I'll look for the e-mail.