Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rhyncholaelia digbyana 'Cerro Punta' AM/AOS x 'Fiddlers Green'

Rhyncholaelia digbyana 'Cerro Punta' AM/AOS x 'Fiddlers Green' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergWhenever I see a Rhyncholaelia digbyana in bloom I stop and admire it. Even so, I have never thought to add one to my collection. Blooming sized plants tend to be expensive. I got this plant as a bonus plant because a plant I ordered from an ebay vendor was damaged in packing for shipping. The flower picture is not from my plant which is still a number of years from maturity.

Rhyncholaelia digbyana 'Cerro Punta' AM/AOS x 'Fiddlers Green' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Rhyncholaelia (Rhynch) contains 2 species that were formerly included in Brassavola. They grow in Central America and are fragrant tropical epiphytes needing bright light. Rhyncholaelia digbyana grows from southern Mexico to Costa Rica. It is cool to warm growing, fragrant, needs bright light and blooms in summer. It is used in many hybrids.

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It you are interested in orchid history go on over to Cattleyaphilia. Dave discovered two long articles by Frederick Boyle written 150 years ago. I found them very interesting reading.

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