Friday, October 1, 2010

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger

This is the last of the Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger plants to be cleaned up and repotted to a smaller pot. There are several of these divisions in the greenhouse and I am planning to sell some of them at the beginning of the 2011 selling season in March.

Laelia lundi divisions

I am happy with the results of the dismount/division. I have ended up with;
• 5 divisions of 5 or 6 pseudobulbs, good shape and new growth,
• 3 with poor shape but have a lead,
• 7 backbulb divisions.

I will get these mounted right away and add these to the spring "for sale" list.


  1. Very pretty! Are you still going to have some for sale?

  2. I will be selling some, but have decided to wait until April to start on EBay again.