Saturday, October 9, 2010

Encyclia bracteata

Encyclia bracteata - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThis has been the best year ever for my Encyclia bracteata. It has bloomed continually all summer, often more than one flower at a time. I have had it several years and it has been a nice plant with one or two blooming periods. But, as I said, this is the best year ever.

Encyclia bracteata - Plant photo by Richard LindbergEncyclia bracteata grows in Brazil in low elevation forests. It is fragrant, warm growing and blooms in summer.

It has been in the same location as last year. There are two main difference in the climate. First, I have had the heater on all summer and the greenhouse mostly closed. The humidity and temperature have both been higher. I have tried to maintain 60 as the lowest temperature.

It is growing near one of the misters. The green moss is growing well in spite of the light level. It is a small plant and fits well into my general down-sizing and a move to warmer-growing plants in this greenhouse.

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