Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rescue report from Matt

Matt writes:

I hoped you might find this "rescue" story interesting. Last January, while in Alamos, Sonora, I rescued a few orchids from a Mexican gardner who had some laying around.

One was a single peudobulb, with no roots and two weather leaves. I soaked it in water a liitle, then laid it on damp sphagnum in the shade moistening it daily.

Well, nothing happened for about three months, then I noticed a tiny green sprout. I couldn't tell if it was a root or a shoot because it came out low on the pseudobulb, but not down where I'd expect roots.

By the time I left Kino Bay, Sonora in mid-June, I could tell it was indeed a shoot, but less than a quarter inch long. Well, not knowing how it would fare over my three 3 and a half month absence, I left it in the best shade I could where occasionally, the RV park workers would water it along with my other MX orchids.

Yesterday, I returned and got up nerve to go check out my abandoned orchids. All was well and one of my old Denrobiums which I had had for over a dozen years with only one bloom, had doubled in size and had two bloom spikes. So, here is the early photo of the "shoot" in June and one of the new growth now. I am not sure of the species, but hope it might be Cattleya (G.) aurantiaca. It does have 4 or five leaves though.

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If you have a story about orchid rescue or backbulb culture send it along (with pictures of course). I'd love to hear about it and I might make it a guest blog entry.

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