Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rodriguezia decora

Rodriguezia decora - Flower photo by Richard LindbergRodriguezia decora grows in Brazil in cool to warm mountain forests and grasslands. It is fragrant and I have it growing high up where the light is bright and the greenhouse is warmest. The genus Rodriguezia (Rdza) contains about 30 species mostly found in Brazil.

Long rhizome and it grows away from the mountI got a two-pseudobulb piece from the SCOS potting party two years ago. I mounted it on a large piece of cork because I could see it needed a lot of space to grow.

As a collection plant it has good news and bad, but mostly good. It grows well, is nice looking between blooming and has bloomed every year. The only less desirable trait it has is the long rhizome, and that would be more of an issue as an indoor plant.

I originally thought that it would only be a couple of years before it outgrew the piece of cork. But I have reconsidered now that it is growing away from the mount. I am able to imagine it growing on bushes or tall grass with the roots out in the air to collect moisture.

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  1. Nice looking plant. I bought a Rodriguezia secunda a couple of weeks ago at the Chicagoland Orchid Festival.