Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surprising keiki find

Dave_SF writes:

Earlier this year while I was trimming last year's dead pitchers from a Nepenthes 'Marble Queen' (tropical pitcher plant), I saw something big inside one of the pitchers. Looking in, I saw a little Den. kingianum growing inside in the liquid at the bottom of the pitcher!

Apparently it had fallen off a nearby plant right into the pitcher. Even more surprising is that the acids and digestive enzymes of the pitcher don't seem to bother the orchid roots.It has new roots about an inch long and a new side growth starting.

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Thanks Dave, for that amazing example of just how hardy orchids are.

If you have a backbulb or rescue story (with pictures, naturally) then go to this page to get my email address and use "ORCHID STORY" as the subject. I would love to hear about it.

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FLASK UPDATE: It has been close to a month and none of the seedlings has died. I think the initial shock danger is over. Now I need to keep them going. I'll do another update at three months.

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