Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cattlianthe Sir Jeremiah Colman

Cattlianthe Sir Jeremiah Colman - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCattlianthe Sir Jeremiah Colman - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThere were a couple of Cattlianthe Sir Jeremiah Colman divisions in the Sonoma collection when I started taking care of it. It seems very hardy and I was able to divide them last spring.This is one of the divisions blooming and two others are going to bloom.

There are five divisions cataloged and a few other backbulb divisions so there will be some available for sale soon. I have been selling on eBay but have decided to also have some others listed on the website. That will be a tab under 'Plants'.


  1. Flower looks like it has a lot of bowringiana but growth habit looks nothing like it. What is the parentage?

  2. I really like this one. It's not too floofy.