Monday, November 29, 2010

Working with greenhouse "features"

Cattleya hybrid growing toward the light

The Sonoma greenhouse is big and bright. It was built at the south end of a house and has the same profile, extending the roof-line exactly. The whole south wall is translucent so that, during the winter especially, a primary source of light is this south wall. More light comes in from the south wall than the roof.

In the Napa greenhouse the primary light source is the roof. My south wall has a 60% light reduction so most plants grow up, not sideways. I don't need to do much staking in Napa. I will need to do more staking in Sonoma.

As soon as the flower opens and I get a nice picture I will re-pot this plant. Since the whole plant is growing sideways that should do the trick. Other plants will be more of a challenge.

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