Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bulbophyllum laxiflorum

Bulbophyllum laxiflorum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergBulbophyllum laxiflorum is just about the only thing blooming in either of the greenhouses. Four of the Dendrobium hybrids are puttin a good show in Sonoma but Napa is bare except for this one tiny flower.

Bulbophyllum laxiflorum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBulbophyllum laxiflorum grows throughout Southeast Asia. It is warm to hot growing, very tropical. The flowers are fragrant and can occur any time of the year. A group of flowers radiate from the end of the spike forming a starburst effect.

I have more to learn about Bulbophyllum. I can grow them well enough but not real successful at blooming them. Some do and some never have. Light level is the answer no doubt.

Light management is a constant challenge in a greenhouse like mine where a large portion of the plants are hanging up high and shading other plants.

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