Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cattleya percivaliana v semi-alba 'Soho' x self

Cattleya percivaliana v semi-alba 'Soho' x self - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI have only had this variety of Cattleya percivaliana a month or so. I got it from Ian's Orchids on eBay. I have a few plants from him and have had a good experience on each purchase.

Cattleya percivaliana grows in Venezuela and Colombia in the mountains above 4000 feet near rivers. Cattleya percivaliana v semi-alba 'Soho' x self - Plant photo by Richard LindbergIt is a large sized lithophytic plant out in the full sun. It is fragrant and blooms in the fall.

This is the fourth variety of Cattleya percivaliana in the collection and that is probably enough until I get more experience with this species. Also, I tend to get carried away and I don't want to end up with this species as I did with Laelia anceps.

I re-potted from large bark to rock after I saw the new growth. I will position the light on the 'windward' side of the plant to get it to straighten up.


  1. What's the story with Laelia anceps?

  2. I had a nice t-shaped piece of grape wood and wanted to make a mount out of it. I got 5 different anceps from Santa Barbara Orchid Estates to grow on it.

    They out-grew the mount eventually and in the meantime got some more varieties.

    Two years ago I divided the large plants and now I have about 50 Laelia anceps in a dozen varieties.

    Crazy, huh, especially with my space problem.

  3. Ha, funny how orchids do that. I have a tendency to buy way too many different species. I don't have enough varied environments to put them in, so some of my plants grow marginally well.

    If you want to get rid of some anceps I have a place for them. I've heard that they're particularly hardy and want to experiment growing them outside in Hollister.