Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dendrobium Javiera

A Dendrobium sprouting on nodes

When I was new to orchid growing Ortho's All About Orchids was a great help. One of the things the book described was hard cane Dendrobium sprouting from un-bloomed nodes. I tried it once and nothing happened so I never tried it again.

Now it has happened accidentally in Sonoma. I had divided a Dendrobium and got a large piece and a small piece. This is the small piece but I didn't consider it a backbulb division since there were live roots. At one point it started a new sprout from the base which has turned black, probably from getting water inside it.

The other part of the plant is doing very well and has a spike so I will get to take a flower picture. I can't find any listing for the name on the tag in the RHS listings. I think that it has this name because it once belonged to Javiera who gave it away instead of throwing it out.

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