Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dtps (Formosa Rose x Modern Rose) x Ching Ann Davis

Dtps (Formosa Rose x Modern Rose) x Ching Ann Davis

Dtps is short for Doritaenopsis, the cross between Doritis (lots of small flowers and branching spike) and Phaleanopsis (larger, fewer flowers). The result is a very nice compromise.

Phaleanopsis and Doritis hybrids make up a large part of the free orchids that come my way. They are very popular for good reason. The flowers are pretty and long lasting. Big Box sells them by the thousands. A large portion of these have no tags.

Keiki growing on an old spikeNew flower branch growing on an old spikeFrom a collector point of view an orchid without a tag is less desirable. It is not a care issue, the conditions these hybrids like are very similar. This one has a tag.

Aside from the tag this plant is interesting. There are two spikes each with an example of what an old spike can do; a keili on one and a new flower branch on the other.

The mother plant is weak but not the worst I have seen. All the roots in the pot were dead but there were some aerial roots. It should continue to grow roots and recover.

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  1. When non orchid growers ask me about their orchids I usually count the plant lucky if it has any roots at all.