Friday, December 10, 2010

Laelia albida

Laelia albida - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLaelia albida grows in Mexico and needs a dry winter rest. It is cold to warm growing, fragrant and blooms in fall and winter. The genus Laelia (L) has a few species in Mexico and parts of Central America. Most of the rest of the species that used to be called Laelia have been reclassified as Cattleya.

Laelia albida - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI got this Laelia albida at the SCOS BBQ and auction in September and have splashed a little water on it from time to time. It was loose in the pot and I could see that it was rootless. But now it is showing signs of activating an eye so it is time to do something with it.

This plant tried to make a recovery in its last growth cycle. I can see root stubs where they were eaten by something. I think this happened after it had partly grown. Now it is back to being a backbulb division.

My plan is to remove the oldest three pseudobulbs and pot them in rock. They have used a lot of their energy already but there is a chance the will sprout.

The other half with the activating eye will be mounted. When it grows roots I want them right next to the cork bark so that the plant will attach right away.

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