Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Orchidteer, a new orchid blog

Cattleya mendelii - Flower picture by Richard LindbergA new orchid blog has just started, The Orchidteer. There are four entries so I can read it from the very start. As a hobbyist, I like to hear about how others are growing their orchids and see pictures of their plants and flowers.

Eric says in the first entry:

My intention at this point is really just to share pictures of my blooming plants and the goings on around my growing area. I am a member of the local orchid society, but other than that I know few people that get excited to see plants. My wife thinks I am crazy too spends the time and money I do on the plants, but she is a great sport about it, and enjoys the flowers of most of my plants.

Click over to The Orchidteer and add you name to mine in the "FOLLOW" list. Eric will appreciate the orchid love, I'm sure, and reward us with more post about his orchids.


  1. Richard/Eric, what's involved in starting a blog? It seems like a great way to record experience and get feedback from others at all levels of expertise...


  2. Go to and follow directions. It is very simple. Use one of the background to start and you can get fancy later. Get a Google account and a gmail account. I use the gmail for comment notification.

    Go to to get my public email and email me with questions. Be sure that either "BLOG" or "ORCHID" is in the subject.

  3. Thanks, Richard, for pointing me to this new orchid blog. I'm sort of trying to do what he does with my orchid site's blog, so it'll be interesting to watch how "The Orchidteer" grows.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    The-orchid-place, I am looking forward to following your blog as well.