Monday, December 20, 2010

Rhyncholaelia digbyana

Rhyncholaelia digbyana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI have had Rhyncholaelia digbyana on my wish list for a long time. Not in the top 10 but on the list. I have never had one until this year. Now I have three, but two of them are seedlings. Seedlings are interesting but waiting for the first bloom can be frustrating.

Rhyncholaelia digbyana - Plant photo by Richard LindbergRhyncholaelia digbyana grows from southern Mexico to Costa Rica. It is cool to warm growing, fragrant, needs bright light and blooms in summer. It is used in many hybrids. It is often called Brassavola digbyana. The genus Rhyncholaelia (Rhynch) contains 2 species that were formerly included in Brassavola. They grow in Central America and are fragrant tropical epiphytes needing bright light.

I was delighted to receive both of the Rhyncholaelia species in a trade. Having a mature digbyana plant made it twice as exciting.

I often repot plants as I get them but decided to leave this plant alone. It is in a clay pot in lava rock and there is room for the new growth to mature. I will take it to Sonoma and wait for the next growth cycle to start before re-potting.


  1. Hi Richard,
    This post has inspired me to try my digbyana again, it is growing well for me but i found it to simple be too large for my collection, i grow in under lights.

    I noticed your bulbs appear to be relatively close to eachother on a short rhizome, mine are really far apart on a long rhizome, making it a huge plant to keep, is this because of the high light? mine isnt getting enough light yet.

    I have one backbulb division sprouting, i will move that to a mount and then i will divide my main plant and sell half of it and put the other half in s/h or epiweb.

  2. J: the rhyzomes of Rhyncholaelia glauca (the only other species in the genus) is much more sprawling, with free-branching rhyzomes. Is it possible that this is what you have? Or maybe it's a hybrid of the two, resulting in Rl. Aristocrat. Just a thought as I came across this while I was doing some research for my AOS presentation. It's been some time since you posted, but hope you get a notification for this. Best of luck to you both.