Friday, January 21, 2011

Ansellia Gigantea

Colin is a member of the orchid club in Hermanus located on the coast between the southern most point of Africa and Cape Town. He sent me a picture of an Ansellia Gigantea. It was taken near the Kruger National Park at the Jejane Private Nature Reserve, a place he goes often.

Ansellia Gigantea

I know next to nothing about African orchids. I have seen slide shows, that's about it. South Africa looks like a great place as a vacation destination and the coast east of Cape Town is now on my list of places I would like to spend a month exploring.

I particularly like Colin's picture because I can see the plant where it is growing. Sometimes in situ pictures just show a green spot on a tree trunk.

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  1. Hi Richard, I set you an email with more details. Check out Abercrombie & Kent tours.
    My sister spent the last 2 years in Joburg & Cape Town.