Monday, January 31, 2011

Cattleya percivaliana (?) Suggestion

Here are the two plants side by side. The one I was trying to talk myself into believing was a Cattleya percivaliana and a real Cattleya percivaliana. Seen like that, there is no question that they are not the same species. Aside from the flower comparison, the pseudobulbs and leaves are different.

Nat suggested in the comments that it might be a Cattleya lueddemanniana and I think he is right.

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Correction: both of my presentations will be 2pm this weekend. Stop by and say 'Hi' and help fill in the audience. I will be giving giving stuff away. No t-shirts, just plant bits.


  1. If I weren't in India right now I would totally be there.

  2. Justin, Let me know when you are back and we will figure out about meeting.

  3. One on the left is lueddemanniana or hybrid there of..