Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit'?

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit'? - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI am seldom dissapointed to see a plant bloom. I was really looking forward to seeing this plant bloom. But after seeing this flower I felt let down. This is not Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit'. I am not 100% sure it is a species percivaliana.

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergCattleya percivaliana grows in Venezuela and Colombia in the mountains above 4000 feet near rivers. It is a large sized lithophytic plant out in the full sun. It is fragrant and blooms in the fall.

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThis is a real Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit'. Any clone or division will be very similar and mine is not even close in shape, let alone have the rich color.

Does anybody have thoughts on identifying this? I would have to re-tag it "NOID", but I will if I am not certain about what it is.

UPDATE:I have now looked at every Cattleya percivaliana picture I can find and I now think mine is a percivaliana, but not 'Summit'. I saw some that looked like it. I won't try to guess what variety, so will simply remove the 'Summit' from the tag. The flower picture will have to do. Also, I will see if the color gets stronger after a few days open.

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  1. Hi Richard, bummer about the disappointing blooms! I must say that your flower looks to my inexperienced eyes a LOT more like C. lueddemanniana than percivaliana... I've seen a good number of percivaliana clones up close but never one with those striations in the lip. How is the fragrance? In my experience percivaliana has kind of a funky, waxy smell that's a bit unpleasant (IMHO, some people seem to like it). I'm less familiar with lueddemanniana, but the pictures I've found online seem to match yours more closely than do those of percivaliana. Anyone else have an opinion on this one?