Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe'

Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergWhen I walk around the greenhouse nothing puts a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye as much as seeing a backbulb division sprouting. Yesterday it was Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe' that brightened my day.

The genus Laelia (L) has a few species in Mexico and parts of Central America. is still listing the lobata as a Laelia, this week at least. Laelia lobata grows in Brazil on the coast on rocks exposed to full sun and ocean spray. It is cool to hot growing, fragrant and blooms in spring.

Laelia lobata Coerulea 'Paulo Hoppe' sproutingI removed these backbulbs a few months ago. My collection plant had grown to the edge of the pot and needed to be centered. These pseudobulbs have dead roots, the result of not cutting back on watering early enough in the fall a couple of years ago.

I want to spread the joy so this is January's free orchid. Same rules as usual: someone who has not had one of these free orchids before, make a comment here before 4pm PDT Friday. You pay $5.50 shipping, continental US only. After you comment, go here to get my direct e-mail address. Include "Free Orchid" in the subject so that my spam filter know what to do with it.

PLEASE consider whether you have the conditions to grow this. It will become large and it requires very bright light and warm conditions. Not for the indoor grower, wait 'til next month.


  1. I'll take the laelia off your hands!

  2. Too bad I didn't find your blog before. I grow Laelias exclusively and I've been looking for a lobata to try.

    Inspired by your blog, I divided my Laelia superbiens var. alba 'Don Hubert's Cross' in 3 and all the divisions are putting out new growths and roots! Amazing. :)

  3. Orchids have a strong will to live. All they need is half a chance.

    Anon, do you grow only species or mixed with hybrids?

  4. Hi there.

    (figured out how NOT to post anonymously)

    I mainly grow species, although not exclusively. Most are Laelia anceps species or primary hybrids. I'm slowly expanding to Laelia purpurata and the full-sun former schomburgkia and myrmecophila (I live in Miami so full sun and lots of space).

    I recently purchased a Cattleya maxima from an ebay vendor, so I'm trying out new things, but I go back to Laelias time and time again. So, I think at this point I may as well accept my orchid fate, no?

    Your blog is wonderful.

  5. Nothing wrong in a limited collection. I have about a dozen anceps varieties (50 plants) My expansion is going the opposite direction to yours, to the small Bazillian Catts and Laelias.

    I have a Catt maxima compot that I got from Steve Christoffersen. He has a "limited" collection in the number of different species, but he more than makes up for it in the quality and rarity of his plants.

  6. I tried rupicolous Laelias last year, with devastating results (for the Laelias and for my confidence). I keep thinking I will give those another chance eventually.

    The Catt. maxima was purchased from Steven Christoffersen on ebay. I've been staring at it with trepidation--have to read up on it before repotting.

    I grow all my plants in 100% hydroton and clay pots, growing catt alliance in moss outside in South Florida is impossible.

    I purchase most of my plants from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, since I've discovered that not many reputable vendors sell Laelia anceps for some reason. Of course, I have one or two from Mr. Christoffersen.

    Your anceps collection sounds to die for!

    I actually gave away most of my orchid collection last year; I had found that I had too many types of orchids and the orchids and I were not happy. So, I whittled down my collection to the Laelias and some Cattleya hybrid divisions.


  7. I would like to claim your free orchid. I am an avid orchid lover. my email is

  8. I would like to send one to you but that was offered a year ago. Never fear, there will be an orchid offered later this month. When and what orchid I don't know just yet.

    Keep reading the blog and jump in when it is announced!