Saturday, January 8, 2011

Greenhouse maintenance

Redwood benches are finally starting to rot throughWhen I first set up the greenhouse I found some very nice tiered benches made of redwood and Cost Plus. It was the end of the summer season and they were a closeout sale price. I have four of them and they have worked very well.

As greenhouses go, mine is very wet. I both water and cool with overhead water. On warm summer days, I have water coming down for 6 or more hours.

Redwood is quite durable but eventually rots.

Redwood benches are finally starting to rot through

One of the shelves has rotted through. The structure of the bench seems to be still in good condition so I am going to buy some of the plastic grill that is over some light fixtures and cut it to make shelves. I will do all three shelves on this bench. This is the wettest area of the greenhouse. The other benches seem to be holding up so I will cut shelves for them and save them for another year.

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