Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mounting orchids on Cork bark

The wonderful thing about orchids for a lazy slow-paced person such as myself is that very little happens quickly. The Laelia lundii divisions are a perfect example. I made the divisions in October and only yesterday got around to actually mounting them. They are perfectly fine.

Laelia lundii divisions FINALLY mounted

But this post is more about mounting technique than Laelia lundii. I have a mounting rule that I broke on two of the five mounts I did yesterday. The rule is "always attach the plant in two places even if one seems like enough".

After checking the mounts to see how stable the plant was I took two of them off and reattached them. The most important thing in mounting is making sure that the plant does not move at all.

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  1. Richard, amongst the many things I have learned from your blog is mounting to Cork. I currently use your method and find it a functional and neat method that seems to help the plant re-stablish itself. Thank You, Tony