Friday, January 14, 2011

Neofinitia falcata 'Icy Fingers' HCC/AOS x Vanda Sally Roth

Last Tuesday I bought $10 in raffle tickets at our orchid society meeting. I won four plants each worth more than $10. I got a bit of ribbing for winning that many but I never feel bad about winning because I have had nights when a $10 investment got me nothing.

One of them had a tag reading "Neofinitia 'Icy Fingers' x Vanda Sally Roth". I like to verify tags if possible and this one looked wrong because Icy Fingers should not have quotes. My first try was the RHS database. No luck. Then I tried a Google search on Neofinitia 'Icy Fingers' and not only found it but also the cross with Vanda Sally Roth.

This has a nice light purple Neofinitia looking flower. I found a nice picture on the web. I can't wait to take my own picture, maybe in the summer.

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