Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anacheilium chimborazoense

Anacheilium chimborazoense - Flower photo by Richard LindbergIf I had to name my favorite orchid species it would be Anacheilium chimborazoense. I don't buy plants based on fragrance, but I get all warm and fuzzy when I walk into the greenhouse and the beautiful scent is present. If even a single flower is open, I will know it.

Anacheilium chimborazoense grows from Panama to Ecuador and Venezuela. It is cool to warm growing and is fragrant. Anacheilium chimborazoense - Plant photo by Richard LindbergSince it grows at the top of trees, give it bright light. The genus Anacheilium (Ahl) contains 59 species growing from Mexico through northern South America. These are the cockleshell orchids. They were separated from Encyclia for technical reasons.

I bought the plant at POE seven years ago when I was buying any new Encyclia. Since then I have been taking divisions off the side of the mount and two years ago I removed it from the mount, divided it and remounted one of the divisions. It grows quickly and seems to like my greenhouse.


  1. Very nice, Richard.

    This is on my list of species to acquire. I remember seeing one at the first and only POE I went to in 2007 when I was first really getting into orchids. Andy's Orchids had a beautiful one for sale and I still kind of regret I didn't buy it.

  2. I have a piece you can have. I'll run across it during spring cleaning and send it. A little disorganized now with bench repair and plants all moved around.