Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brassanthe Maikai

Brassanthe Maikai - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOne of the Brassanthe Maikai divisions has finally bloomed. I was waiting for it because I wanted a flower picture to add to my gallery and to be able to have a picture of the flower from the plant if I decide to sell any this summer.

Brassanthe Maikai - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBrassanthe Maikai is an old hybrid, Brassavola nodosa x Guarianthe bowringiana, registered in 1944. It is the same as Bc Maikai with the name being changed when the genus Guarianthe was created and one of the parents reclassified.

As a floral display, I find it underwhelming. The flowers don't stand out from the plant well. This is a plant that needs to be a larger plant with several leads blooming.


  1. They do make nice specimens. While the flowers aren't held very high, I find them to be extremely reliable bloomers, right up there with Bl. Petite Stars.

  2. I think it's very pretty!