Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brassolaeliocattleya Sundance

Brassolaeliocattleya 'Sundance' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI like table mounts a lot. I would have lots of them if I had the space. When they are good they can be spectacular. I have had a few and am now down to just this one hybrid Cattleya. It is Blc Sundance and it produces a great flower.

I bought it as a seedling about 7 years ago. It was a cute little plant and I had no clue as to how big it was. I mounted it on a piece of dense wood and hoped for the best.

The plant is a bit rough looking. It has not bloomed for three years. The first year because I didn't reduce watering soon enough in the fall. The second was recovery from that. The third was because of the over heating it got in Sonoma last summer.

When I picked it up yesterday I looked down into the newest growth and was very pleased to see a couple of buds. After all the new root growth in the last few months I had hoped that it would bloom again.

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My presentations on backbulbs and mounting at the Sonoma County Orchid Society Show and Sale will be at 2pm both today and tomorrow.

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  1. I sorry I that don't live in your area. I love listening to people speak about their successes & failures in orchid growing. I just purchased several pounds of natural cork. Now, I have just started going through my collection looking for plants with small growth habits to mount on cork. In years past, I used tree fern poles, or plaques. I also had more space to work with at that time. Enjoy your weekend at the show.