Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cattlianthe Molly Tyler

Cattlianthe Molly Tyler - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI had planned to re-pot the Cattlianthe Molly Tyler after it bloomed last year but didn't ever get to it. This year I have to because it has reached the edge of the pot. Right now it goes into the display window for general household enjoyment. A final decision can be made in a few weeks.

Cattlianthe Molly Tyler needs to be divided and re-pottedCattlianthe Molly Tyler is a cross registered by F. Dixon in 1930. It is beautiful, if a bit small by today's standards. The plant is in lava in a 6-inch plastic pot. There are seven pseudobulbs and it stands 18 inches above the pot.

The plant has only one lead. I may decide to divide it. If it were more centered I would back-cut to get another lead started. The roots look good from the top but the lower pot may be full of rot. Right now all I can do is wait until I can see the roots. In an orchid plant, root health is key.


  1. Richard can you explain, "back-cut" and how it stimulated new leads? Thanks Tony

  2. Nice! Is that a lava rock + bark mix?

  3. This plant is in lava only I think.

    Back cutting is where I take a razor and cut through the rhizome without disturbing the plant. Then I put a small piece of a plastic tag in the cut to keep the sides separate. This works well when the backbulb side of the division is healthy with its own roots.

    Back cutting is the same as dividing as far as the plant is concerned and is good when the plant does not need to be moved in the pot.

    I'll do a post on this next time I do one and can get clear pictures.

  4. I seem to remember reading an old post about doing that way back in your blog, I was especially interested what conditions motivated the decision, thank you

  5. The conditions are; 1) the plant still has more room to grow, 2) the whole plant probably has a good root structure and 3) the rhizome is accessible.