Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dendrobium wasselii

This was an impulse buy. It is a piece of a very large Dendrobium wasselii plant. There are 13 pseudobulbs and trailing roots. I will fasten it to a small cork mount just so the plant has a hanger of some sort. Dendrobium wasselii - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe Napa greenhouse is a good match for the climate conditions it needs. I am just worried about the space it will take.

Dendrobium wasselii grows in Queensland Australia at around 1000 feet at the edge of rainforest areas. It is warm to hot growing, blooms spring through fall and needs bright light. It is also known as Dockrillia wasselii.

The good news is that if it starts to get too big I can keep it under control by trimming. There are two leads on this piece and if it starts a couple more it could make a nice presentation when it blooms.

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