Friday, February 11, 2011

Epidendrum laterale 'Emerald Garden' CBR/AOS

Epidendrum laterale 'Emerald Garden' CBR/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergFor an easy-to-grow orchid, Epidendrum laterale is just about tops. It will grow and bloom in a wide variety of conditions. A good example is this plant that I had intended to mount then forgot about. It was dropped in a pot and hidden behind some other plants.

Epidendrum laterale grows in Costa Rica and Panama and into Colombia. It grows very tropical in humid, warm to hot conditions at low elevations. It is fragrant and the flowers are reasonably long lasting.

The weather was sunny and warm yesterday. I had the greenhouse open and was clearing out a section of bench to make a start at spring cleaning. Down at the bottom of the pot was a spike!

First thing this morning I will get it onto a cork mount and up into the light so it can grow as it should.

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  1. yup its realy just about the tops, i like your blog sir and such added it as favorited link in my browser