Tuesday, February 15, 2011

L Zip 'Short Stack' x Lc Perelli Sunrise

L Zip 'Short Stack' x Lc Perelli Sunrise - Flower photo by Richard LindbergNeeds to be re-pottedMaintenance of an orchid collection is an on-going effort. Even though orchids change slowly, the idea of regular inspection is an important one. Picking up the pot and looking at the plant from all sides.

I don't have good notes on this plant. I know it bloomed in October 2009 because that is the date of a flower picture. I know I re-potted it at some point probably before that. Whatever the history, the pot is full and something needs to be done.

This is what I like to see when a plant comes out of the pot. The roots fill the pot without being wound around. I will be able to remove the medium without too much root trauma. I will clean the roots so that I can see all of them and which pseudobulb each is associated with.

There are 9 pseudobulbs. The oldest is dead-looking and I will cut that off and throw it away. There is a natural division of 4 and 4 for the rest of them. The newest 4 includes two leads. That will become the collection plant. The other 4 will be a backbulb division. Since there are some live roots I will not give it special treatment but pot it up. One of the pseudobulbs will activate an eye and produce a new growth.

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