Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laelia anceps 'Boulder Valley' HCC/AOS

Laelia anceps 'Boulder Valley' HCC/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI was working in the greenhouse yesterday. I have some rot going on in my benches. One of the levels on one collapsed last month dumping plants all around. I saw some other shelves ready to go. I have four of these benches and as a start to spring cleaning am going to repair and paint them. Using some creative grouping of plants, I was able to get two of the benches outside where I can work on them.

Laelia anceps 'Boulder Valley' HCC/AOS - Plant photo by Richard LindbergAs I was moving plants I found this Laelia anceps backbulb. It had been forgotten. I had removed it from a potting in sphagnum because it was not doing very well. I set it back in the plastic pot intending to come back and take care of it but got sidetracked. It has been sitting unpotted for a couple of months now.

It seems to be taking care of itself just fine. Those are beautiful, green-tipped roots getting a good start on a new generation. The backbulb on the right is full-sized. The first generation is small which is typical. Its job is to get some new roots established. The newest generation on the left is going to be bigger but still small.


  1. See the dead half of that leaf in the picture? Should one cut off the dead tips of leaves like that? I have several and was wondering.

    And the backbulb arrived today! In great shape. You packed it well. So now, I'll wait patiently for a year or three, right?

  2. If the sprout comes this spring, I think it will bloom in 2012.

    I generally don't cut unless it has liquid, that is a bacterial infection. Then I cut into the green and use peroxide straight from the bottle.

    If I am going to show or sell, I cut off anything completely dead.