Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oncidium ampliatum

When I bought this Oncidium ampliatum in 2004, the vendor made the point to warn me that this species doesn't like to have its roots disturbed. I did not heed the warning and re-potted from bark to rock.

Oncidium ampliatum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOncidium ampliatum grows in Central America and northern South America in hot lowland areas. It blooms from the fall into spring.

Over the next two years it declined until it got down to a single pseudobulb, the smallest one that you can see in the popup picture. I potted that last piece in large rock pieces in a 2-inch pot and set it among a group of plants where I thought it would finally die. For some reason, unknown to me, it started to grow.

Two years ago I carefully up-potted, moving the whole rootball and the rocks to a larger pot. This plant is now potted in rock in a 3 1/4-inch platic pot. There are 5 pseudobulbs, three with leaves. I will have to up-pot again but I will wait until I see another new growth.

This has never bloomed and I doubt that it will bloom this year since the side leaves have already died. The spike comes from under the side leaves, usually the longer of the two leaves. That's fine, with this plant, just staying alive is good enough for me.

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    I purchased one this summer - setting up the green house for dry winter rest. This plant comes from dry tropical forest. See monthly rainfall graph at site above. Looks like mine will get little water for several months.