Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Show and Sale off to a great start!

Our Show and Sale continues today. Yesterday got it off with a bang. There was lots to see and wonderful orchids for sale. The theme is 'Waves of Orchids'. This picture of the club display doesn't do it justice.

In addition to the Society's display each of the vendors did a display This one was done by Tom Perlite of Golden Gate Orchids that I particularly enjoyed but they were all a nice cross section of their orchids.

First thing I did when I got there at 10am was to go through the member's sale area to see what called to me. There were two this year, an Epidendrun and a Dendrobium. I bought them and got them into the plant hotel.

This is a picture of the setup for my presentation on backbulbs and mounting. When it started at 2pm there was a good group of folks with lots of questions. We were having such a good time that someone had to come by and remind us that the hour was up.


  1. Your display looks awesome. You have really inspired me to assess whether I can divide my orchids as they arrived. Last week I received a Schomburgkia humboldtii var. alba in a tree fern mount. I unmounted and divided it into three. I potted them up and we shall see how they do. Thanks for the blog and the inspiration.


  2. You are welcome. I appreciate the comment. Good luck with your divisions. That species has a beautiful flower.

    I see that it has been renamed Myrmecophilia humboldtii. They took all the species that had hollow pseudobulbs and made a new genus.

    Some like specimen plants. It is an accomplishment to grow one because it requires multiple years of good care and attention.

    I have no room for big plants so I like to keep them in the 3 to 8 pseudobulb range.