Thursday, March 10, 2011

A box of orchids from Dave

A large box arrived on my doorstep from Dave at Cattleyaphilia. He had told me to expect it, but I was blown away by the orchids inside. Besides the four backbulbs there were four plants!

The plants were: 1) A six inch basket with a well established Blc. Waianae Leopard 'Ching Hua' - expected bloom off two growths this summer. 2) A minicompot with two Brassavola David Sander. These are ready to be in separate pots and will probably do well for me. 3) A division of Cattleya mossiae. This will go into a clay pot and will be one of the first to be summering in the new outside growing area.

Encyclia cordigera sprouted backbulbsThe backbulbs were: 1) Two pieces of L. purpurata carnea - these are from the plant he blogged on last summer. He is not sure if there are two different plants or it is two backbulbs from the same plant, so I will treat them as from different plants for now. 2) Two pieces of Encyclia cordigera. These are from a gorgeous plant he had with pseudobulbs were as big as large oranges but couldn't figure out how to grow it. He kept one piece and sent me two and together we will work out what this species likes.

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