Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brassia Rex

Brassia Rex - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMy two Brassia Rex plants are blooming. I have had them quite some time and have made multiple divisions. This particular plant has been growing steadily in this same pot since 2007. It is in the brightest location on the greenhouse.

Brassia Rex - Plant photo by Richard LindbergIt has grown to the edge of the pot and has only the one lead. If there were a second lead, I might be tempted to up-pot it and let it get larger. With the single lead, I am going to back-cut and separate the two pieces at the next growth cycle.

This plant is potted in rock in a 5-inch plastic pot. There are 6 pseudobulbs and stands 11 inches above the pot.

Brassia Rex is the cross Brassia verrucosa x Brassia gireoudiana, registered in 1964. Brassia (Brs) contains 29 species spread throughout tropical America. They are very prone to pleating if not watered enough during growth spurts.

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